2014 inaugural RallyX Season!06 February 2014

Here we come El Paso!  2014 will signal our 1st RallyX season!  We have our events planned out for the year, as well as a location to hold the events!  We still have a couple of things to iron out, but hopefully we will have those all set before our first event.

This being said we also need members to help with some of the organizational functions of the event, in particular Rallycross Safety Stewards, Timing and Scoring, and registration (although we will be pushing for online registrations to help us there).  I will be hosting a Timing and Scoring Class that will cover AutoX and RallyX, check our home page or our Facebook for the time and date.

Anyway back to Rallycross!  This will be the first year that we will be holding RallyCross, hopefully we get some good turnout (we have had major interest) so we can continue to do this for years to come.  For those who do not know what RallyCross is, it is a Motorsport similar to Autocross but instead of a paved surface it is run on a loose surface.  In our case it will be dirt, which really makes it a dramatic spectator event, more so than Autocross.   Like Autocross it focuses on handling and control vs outright speed, and speeds at events should be approximately highway speeds at the fastest portions of the course.

Some good videos about Rallycross are:

Since Rallycross is based loosely on actual Rally, the times are cumulative for all your runs.   So in rallycross you will add all of your times together and drop the worst time out for your official event time.  Classing is also much simpler than in other motorsports.  Normally RallyX has 9 classes which are a combination of drive train FWD, RWD, AWD and modification level Stock, Prepared, Modified but we will be modifying that down to 4 classes for the time being by combining FWD and RWD together as 2WD and combining Prepared and Modified.  If we find that most cars are competing in modified while few are in stock we may change it to Prepared and Modified for the categories.  So for the 2014 seasons the classes are as follows:  Stock 2WD, Modified 2WD, Stock 4WD, Modified 4WD.

For rules you can go to the following references:

  • National Rules - http://www.scca.com/assets/2014%20RallyCross%20Rules.pdf
  • PanAm Supplemental -  http://www.panamscca.com/index.php/events/rallyx-supplemental

Our inagural season is being planned with 9 events and 2 drops.  To qualify for Year End Awards a minimum of 5 events.  Scoring of Year End Points will be done on a percentage system, where 1st place gains 100 points and other place finishers gain based on the percentage off the 1st place time, a minimum of 50 points.

Our first event is scheduled for Saturday, March 15th, currently prices are set as follows:

  • $40 for Members at the event
  • $50 for Non Members at the event
  • $30 for Members who prepay online at motorsportreg.com
  • $40 for Non Members who prepay online motorsportreg.com
  • In the event that you can not make an event you can be refunded the prepayment amount, or have it pushed to a different event.
  • We will also have a $5 discount if you wear green to the event to celebrate St. Patrick's Day.  For those who pre-pay it will be a discount on your next event, make sure you see Duncan to get written in on the discount.

The Season Schedule is as follows, it has been set up to avoid having a RallyCross on the same weekend as an AutoX, as well as to avoid having events the same weekends as our Tuscon RallyCross neighbors.  We are not planning on changing the schedule at this time unless location or weather does not permit.

Event DateEvent Name
Saturday, March 15, 2014St. Patricks Day RallyX - $5 off if you wear green
Saturday, April 5, 2014Spring Speed RallyX
Saturday, May 31, 2014Belated Mothers Day Rally - $5 off for Mothers
Saturday, June 28, 2014Father's Day Fever - $5 off for Fathers
Saturday, July 19, 2014Independance RallyX - $5 off for Active/Veteran Military
Saturday, August 23, 2014Rainy Season Rush - $5 off next event for dirtiest car at the end of this event
Saturday, September 27, 2014Fall Madness - $5 off next event for the most cones hit at this event
Saturday, October 11, 2014Nightmareish RallyX - Nighttime Rally assuming we find a suitable location, daytime if not
Saturday, November 15, 2014Last Chance RallyX - $5 off if you have made all previous events


We are really looking forward to this season and hopefully to seeing a lot of you there!


2014 AutoX Season Dates and Rules06 February 2014



March 1 & 2                             Solo School / PAR Championship # 1

March 8 & 9                         Practice Day / PAR Championship # 2

March 23                     PAR Championship # 3

May 10 & 11                PAR Championship # 4 / PAR Championship # 5

May 24 & 25             FAST FIVE Runoffs ( PAR Championship # 6 & # 7 )

June 8                                           PAR Championship # 8

June 21 & 22              PAR Championship # 9  /  PAR Championship # 10

July 13                                         PAR Championship # 11

August 3                                      PAR Championship  # 12

August 16 & 17             Nat's Test N' Tune  /  PAR Championship # 13

September 21                              PAR Championship # 14

October 5                                    PAR Championship # 15

October 18 & 19  Solo Shootout Challenge  /. PAR Championship # 16 & # 17

November 8 & 9        Year-End "2-Day" PAR Fun, Non-Points Solo Event

Read more: 2014 AutoX Season Dates and Rules

Cohen News10 October 2013

Good news!  Cohen will continue to host AutoX events for at least the next year, so the 2014 season is on!  We will have 3 more events in the 2013 season to register use the links in the upper right of the page.


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